KillMidi - Causeway EP

Causeway EP is a collection of works composed by Alberta based electronic musician and live performer KillMidi.

Containing 3 original productions and 2 remixes, the Causeway EP moves your mind and body through an electronic journey that sparks inspiration inside of those who listen.


Causeway is rooted within the idea of musical Animism. KillMidi acquired an Eminent Solina String Organ and harnessed its unique character and essence by composing a series of works using the organ as the fundamental sound source. Causeway was one of those works.

Line Noise

Line Noise is spontaneous and unconscious. A fully improvised track that originates from a single pattern. It’s raw, wild and imperfect, creating a sonic environment that evolves in an unorthodox and organic manner.


Interface is quite the opposite of the other two tracks. Where Causeway represents the capture of essence, and Line Noise spontaneous generation and improvisation, Interface has been revisited and refined over several years into its present form.

See Again.



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